Getting Started Page for No Code 🧑🏾‍💻

Welcome to Verified! With this guide, we aim to help you find your way around and verify your first identity within minutes.

1. Setup your Verified account

Visit and provide the relevant details to create an account for free.

2. Verify your Company

You verify your company by verifying your company RC number real time. We provide two free verification attempts so use them judiciously!

3. Retrieve your User ID

Your user id will be required for authentication when you integrate to our services. To retrieve your user id, follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your account on
  2. Retrieve your user id from the top right corner as shown in the image below

4. Setup your Verification Flow

Your API Keys, Token ID, Auth Key, and Org ID will be required for authentication when you want to integrate to use our Widget. To set up your verification flow, follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your Verified.Africa account on
  2. Go to the SDK menu

  1. Click on 'Create a KYC Verification Flow'

  1. Input the Name of your KYC Verification Flow.
  2. Input a Short Description.

  1. Select a Verification Type. (Face Capture + Face Match, ID Verification, Face Capture)
  2. Select Verification Usecase. (Private Link, API/SDK)

5. Configure verification components

Here you can configure the different components to be used in your project. You can set up your steps for according to how it fits your project. Depending on the type of verification selected we would suggest configuration steps for you;

1. Configure Selfie. (Here you can configure your selfie quality specification and liveness detection attributes.)

  • Enable Selfie Quality Specifications. These configurations are easy to toggle and users can select the types of specifications they want for their project.
  • Enable Liveness Attributes. As an organization, you can easily set and activate the types of liveness challenges you want our system to push to your customers. Once you select this, we would be able to select at random for your project.

  1. Configure Face Match. (Here you can configure how strict the automated checks should be, you can also set your face match threshold for your project.)

  1. Configure Document Issuing Country (Here you can configure the country & the corresponding government-issued ID that will be used for verification)
  2. Configure Document Type (Here you can configure your ID capture quality qualifications)

6. Configure your Theme

Theme configuration enables users of customizing the visual appearance and layout of their widget, by adjusting various settings within a theme, including elements such as colors, fonts, images, and page layout.

7. Setup Integrations

Our integration setup process is flexible and direct users can interact with our Widget in two unique ways;

  1. Integrate using API. To integrate using API, the users will need to copy the Token ID, Auth Key, API Key, and API secret Key which can be obtained from WebView on the integrations Page., this would allow you call to integrate our widget into your existing project with ease. As part of setup organizations also need to provide their webhook URL and customer support URL to enable our widget hand over to you once capture is completed.
Token IDString
Auth KeyString
API secret KeyString
Org IDString

  1. Private Links to End users Our private links enable you as an organization to send a direct link to your end users email account and they can complete the experience at their own time. An active duration can also be enabled for this such that the link can last only a duration of time.

6. Fund your wallet

You must fund your wallet before you can enjoy our services in live mode. Fund your wallet on the portal.

7. And...we are live!

Simply toggle the desired service to the live mode on the portal, and you're good to go. Note that all services are in sandbox mode by default and you must toggle all the services you desire to use one by one as this is a sensitive operation.