Corporate Verification Services Structure📈

All our Corporate Verification services share a common request and response structure as detailed below.

Request Structure

Request AttributeFormatStatusDescription
searchParameterStringMandatoryThe Corporate Verification number you wish to validate would be passed in this field. It could be TIN or CAC verification depending on the identity service you're calling.
companyNameStringMandatoryThe name of the company being validated.
verificationTypeStringAlways MandatoryEvery service has its specific verification type. Ensure to pass in the right verification type for the right service. You may view a list of verification types here.

Response Structure

Response AttributeFormatDescription
responseCodeString'00' indicates success. Full list of response codes can be found here
descriptionStringIf the transaction failed or an error was encountered, details of the error can be found in the description.
verificationTypeStringThe verificationType passed in the request is returned here.
verificationStatusStringThis field lets you know if the rc verification was successful. Options are:

VERIFIED: This means that the RC-VERIFICATION is valid.
NOT VERIFIED This means that the RC-VERIFICATION is invalid
PENDING This status means that the verification could not be completed. Refer to the responseCode for the specific failure reason.
transactionStatusStringThis indicates the wallet debit status. The options are successful or failed.
TransactionReferenceStringIf you supplied a transactionReference, the same will be returned here. Else, we would generate a reference and return that to you in this field.
transactionDateStringDate the transaction was done
searchParameterStringThe Corporate Verification number that was verified
responseJsonThis contains the actual verification data as retrieved from the identity provider. The format of the data varies depending on the service called.