Driver’s License Boolean Match

The Drivers License Number Verification service is used to verify the authenticity of a driver's Licence Number by matching a License Number against the last name and date of birth.


The Drivers License Boolean Match Verification service accepts the Drivers License Number, countryCode, Date of Birth from the customer and returns detailed information when the details are matched with the database. This article will guide you on how to integrate to this Service.



Before you proceed, ensure you review the prerequisites for integrating to our APIs for a more detailed guide.

API Endpoint


Our service accepts headers for authentication. See below the headers to pass to the API

useridStringThis is your user id retrieved from the portal. Check the getting started article to understand how to retrieve your userid
apiKeyStringThis is your api key retrieved from the portal. Check the getting started article to understand how to retrieve your apiKey


Request ParameterDescriptionDescriptionTest Data
countryCodeOptionalThe countryCode will be passed into this fieldNG
firstNameRequiredThe firstName will be passed into this fieldJohn
lastNameRequiredThe lastName will be passed into this fieldDoe
dobRequiredThe date of birth will be passed into this field1988-04-04
searchParameterRequiredThe Drivers License Number will be passed into this fieldAAA00000AA00
verificationTypeRequiredThis field is used to identify the service being called. Ensure to use the value provided exactly as providedDRIVER-LICENSE-BOOLEAN-MATCH-VERIFICATION
    "countryCode": "NG",


Response ParameterTypeDescription
responseCodeStringPlease reference Response Codes page for details on all possible response
descriptionStringThis is a description of the response received.
verificationTypeStringThe same verificationType passed in request will be returned here
verificationStatusStringThis field lets you know if the identity verification was successful. Options are:

VERIFIED: This means that the Voters Card Number is valid.
NOT VERIFIED This means that the Voters Card Number is invalid
PENDING This status means that the verification could not be completed. Refer to the responseCode for the specific failure reason
transactionStatusStringThis indicates the wallet debit status. The options are successful or failed.
transactionReferenceStringIf you supplied a transactionReference, the same will be returned here. Else, we would generate a reference and return that to you in this field.
transactionDateStringDate the transaction was done
searchParameterStringDrivers License Number used for the verification
responseJsonThis is a json containing all the actual NIN data as retrieved from the service provider.
    "responseCode": "00",
    "description": "Successful",
    "verificationStatus": "VERIFIED",
    "transactionStatus": "SUCCESSFUL",
    "transactionReference": "1628016393774-LA0UN5OK",
    "transactionDate": "1667466742100",
    "searchParameter": "AAA00000AA00",
    "callBackUrl": null,
    "livenessScore": 0.0,
    "paymentRef": null,
    "response": null,
    "faceMatch": null