About Document Verification📘

Our Document Verification provides a secure and reliable way to confirm the authenticity of identity documents and establish ownership through selfie comparison. It is an ideal solution for standard onboarding and user authentication.

Our Document Verification feature is a cutting-edge authentication system. This feature works by comparing images extracted from a provided document (such as an ID card or passport) with a selfie image captured by the user. The purpose of this process is to verify and authenticate the user's identity by assessing the consistency and match between the document's images and the selfie. This method enhances security measures by employing facial recognition and document validation techniques, ensuring a higher level of accuracy in confirming the user's identity for various purposes like online transactions, access control, or identity verification processes.

The new Document Verification feature implemented by Verification Africa boasts an extensive coverage that spans across more than 226 countries worldwide. This comprehensive coverage includes an impressive database of over 13,000 different types of documents sourced from various regions globally.

By encompassing such a vast array of countries and documents, the verification engine allows users from diverse geographical locations to benefit from its authentication capabilities. It enables the comparison of images extracted from an individual's provided document against a selfie, thereby establishing a robust method for identity verification that transcends borders and document types.

This wide-ranging coverage ensures that users from numerous regions and holding various document types can leverage the technology to confirm their identities securely and reliably. Whether for financial transactions, access control, or other identity verification needs, this feature offers a globally inclusive and robust solution, reinforcing the security and accuracy of user authentication processes.