Face Match Verification 🔗

Face match service compares facial features for identification. Uses algorithms, real-time processing, and database integration in security, and access control applications.


The Face Match Service API allows you to match two faces and determine how similar they are.



Before you proceed, ensure you review the prerequisites for integrating to our APIs for a more detailed guide.



It is expected that the image passed is single face in image while using the Face Match Service

API Endpoint



Our service accepts headers for authentication. See below the headers to pass to the API.

user IDStringThis is your user id retrieved from the portal. Check the getting started article to understand how to retrieve your user ID
apiKeyStringThis is your api key retrieved from the portal. Check the getting started article to understand how to retrieve your apiKey

Request Parameters

ParameterRequiredDescriptionTest Data
Verification TypeyesThis field is used to identify the service being called. Ensure to use the value provided exactly as providedFACEMATCH-VERIFICATION
SelfieyesThe source imageBase64 image
targetImageyesThe target imageBase64 image
    "selfie" : "...",
    "targetImage": ""

Response Parameters

responseCodeStringPlease reference Response Codes page for details on all possible responses
descriptionStringThis is a description of the response received.
verificationTypeStringThe same verificationType passed in request will be returned here
verificationStatusStringThis field lets you know if the identity verification was successful. Options are:

VERIFIED: This means that the image to image Match is successful.
NOT VERIFIED This means that the image to image match is unsuccessful.
PENDING This status means that the verification could not be completed. Refer to the responseCode for the specific failure reason
transactionStatusStringThis indicates the wallet debit status. The options are successful or failed.
transactionReferenceStringIf you supplied a transactionReference, the same will be returned here. Else, we would generate a reference and return that to you in this field.
transactionDateStringDate the transaction was done
responseJsonfaceMatch and confidenceScore is retrieved from the service provider.
    "responseCode": "00",
    "description": "Success",
    "verificationType": "FACEMATCH-VERIFICATION",
    "verificationStatus": "VERIFIED",
    "transactionStatus": "SUCCESSFUL",
    "transactionReference": "1628016393774-LGKXKP7X",
    "transactionDate": "1681741687165",
    "searchParameter": null,
    "callBackUrl": null,
    "livenessScore": 0.0,
    "paymentRef": null,
    "response": {
        "faceMatch": true,
        "prediction": 98.68,
        "message": "Match"
    "faceMatch": null

Error Responses

Status CodeDescription
400Bad Request - Invalid input parameters
401Unauthorized - Invalid API Key
500Internal Server Error - Something went wrong on the server side