Face Capture Link🤳🏽

Our face capture solution is a highly configurable capture solution. It harnesses the power of AI and combines various offerings to deliver a unique and secure capture experience.

The key components of our solution are as follows:

Liveness Detection: The AI-powered Liveness Detection feature ensures that the captured image is of a live person and not a static photograph. This prevents spoofing attempts and enhances the security of the verification process.

Image Quality Validation: Our solution includes sophisticated algorithms that assess the quality of the captured image. It checks for factors like blurriness, lighting conditions, and resolution, ensuring that the images meet the required standards for accurate identity verification.

Background Cleanup: The Background Cleanup feature uses AI to remove unnecessary elements from the captured image, such as shadows or distracting objects. This enhances the overall visual quality and increases the chances of successful verification.

Facematch: Our AI-powered face match service compares facial features for identification and gives real-time processing response for your delight. Please refer here for how it works